C&I PV Inverter SOFAR 60K~80KTLX-G3 Three-phase 6 MPPTs Solar Inverter 60kW 80kW Commercial Inverters Industrial Inverters

  • Dimension (W*HxD): 687×561×275mm
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Ambient temperature range: -30℃~+60℃
  • Self-consumption at night: <2W
  • Topology: Transformerless
  • Degree of protection: IP66
  • Allowable relative humidity range: 0~100%
  • Max.operating altitude: 4000m (>3000m derating)
  • Cooling: Smart air cooling
  • Display: LCD & Bluetooth +APP
  • Communication: RS485/WiFi
  • Standard: IEC/EN 61000-6-2/4IEC 62116, IEC 61727, IEC 61683, IEC 60068-1/2/14/30, IEC/EN 62109-1/2G99, VDE-AR-N 4105, VDE V 0126-1-1,CEI0-21, EN 50549-1,UNE 217002-2020



Product advantages of the C&I PV Inverter SOFAR 60K~80KTLX-G3

  1. Max. input MPPT current: 40A.
  2. Max. efficiency up to 98.7%.
  3. Longtime 110% AC overload ability.
  4. Type II SPD for both DC and AC side.
  5. 6 MPPTs with 1.5 times DC overload.
  6. Low start-up voltage, wide MPPT voltage range.
  7. Compatible with 500 W+ PV modules.
  8. I-V curve scanning function.

Datasheet SOFAR 60KTLX2-G3 SOFAR 80KTLX2-G3
Input (DC)
Max. input voltage 1100V 1100V
Rated input voltage 620V 620V
Start-up voltage 200V 200V
MPPT operating voltage range 180V~1000V 180V~1000V
Number of MPPTs 6 6
Number of DC inputs 2 for each MPPT 2 for each MPPT
Max. input MPPT current 6*40A 6*40A
Max. input short circuit current 6*40A 6*40A
Output (AC)
Rated output power 60000W 80000W
Max. apparent power 66000VA 88000VA
Max. output current 100A 133.3A
Rated output voltage 3/N/PE, 230/400Vac 3/N/PE, 230/400Vac
Output voltage range 310Vac-480Vac 310Vac-480Vac
Rated output frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Output frequency range 45Hz-55Hz/55Hz-65Hz 45Hz-55Hz/55Hz-65Hz
Active power adjustable range 0~100% 0~100%
THDi <3% <3%
Power factor 1 (adjustable +/-0.8) 1 (adjustable +/-0.8)
Max.efficiency 98.7% 98.7%
European efficiency 98.2% 98.2%
DC reverse polarity protection Yes Yes
Anti-islanding protection Yes Yes
Leakage current protection Yes Yes
Ground fault monitoring Yes Yes
PV-array string fault monitoring Yes Yes
DC switch Yes Yes
SPD PV: type II, AC: type II PV: type II, AC: type II

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