ZU-H High Pressure Line Filter Return Oil Filter 10-800L/min Hydraulic Inverted Oil Filter

NOTE: Prices may vary by product model and material.

The filter is installed on the pressure pipeline of the hydraulic system to filter out the mechanical impurities mixed in the hydraulic oil and the colloid, asphaltene, carbon residue, etc. produced by the chemical change of the hydraulic oil itself. In this way, the valve core is stuck, the throttling hole gap and the damping hole are blocked, and the rapid wear and tear of the hydraulic components and other faults are prevented.

The filter has good filtering effect and high precision, but it is difficult to clean after clogging, and the filter element needs to be replaced.

The filter does not have a differential pressure signaling device. When the filter element is polluted and blocked to a pressure difference of 0.35MPa between the inlet and outlet ports, a switch signal is sent, and the filter element is replaced at this time to achieve the purpose of protecting the safety of the system.



Technical Parameters of the ZU High Pressure Line Filter Return Oil Filter

Model Dia(mm) Flow rate






Pressure loss(MPa) Indicator




Model of


Initial Max.
ZU-H10×*P 15 10 1






32 0.08 0.35 24V/48W


3.6 HX-10×*# Threaded
ZU-H25×*P 15 25 32 0.08 0.35 5.0 HX-25×*# Threaded
ZU-H40×*P 20 40 32 0.1 0.35 8.0 HX-40×*# Threaded
ZU-H63×*P 20 63 32 0.1 0.35 9.8 HX-63×*# Threaded
ZU-H100×*P 25 100 32 0.1 0.35 12.0 HX-100×*# Threaded
ZU-H160×*P 32 160 32 0.12 0.35 18.2 HX-160×*# Threaded
ZU-H250×*FP 40 250 32 0.12 0.35 23.0 HX-250×*# Flanged
ZU-H400×*FP 50 400 32 0.15 0.35 33.8 HX-400×*# Flanged
ZU-H630×*FP 53 630 32 0.15 0.35 42.0 HX-630×*# Flanged
ZU-H800×*FP 53 800 32 0.15 0.35 52.0 HX-800×*# Flanged

Note: * is the filter precision, # is the filter material. If the medium used is water-ethylene glycol, the working pressure is 32MPa, the nominal flow rate is 63L/min, the filter material is paper, with a transmitter and a bypass valve, the filter model is: ZUI · BH – H63×*P, The filter element model is HK·BH-63×*Q.
The filter material is glass fiber, with a transmitter, the filter model is: QU·BH-63×*Q, the filter element model is: HX·BH-63×*Q.
The filter material is metal mesh with a transmitter, the filter model is: WU-H63×*P, and the filter element model is: HX-63×*W.

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