Vane pump pump core 25V-21 hydraulic vane pump core kit

Imported CNC grinding machine
Precision South Korea imports rotor-stator CNC grinding machine, double-sided simultaneous grinding in a 25-degree constant temperature closed room without dust, which ensures the balance of the rotor-stator, uniform thickness, thereby improving volumetric efficiency, reducing noise and strengthening sealing.
Exclusive support ring accessory
A unique supporting ring (yellow rubber ring) is specially provided for the research of the pump core, so as to effectively prevent the sealing ring from being damaged under high temperature and high pressure, and ensure the stable output of the oil pump pressure.



Vane pump pump core

Stator finishing quenching treatment
The stator is finished with high-temperature quenching treatment. After heat treatment, there are fish scale patterns inside the stator, which enhances the wear resistance of the pump core and prolongs the life of the pump core.
Moderate viscosity of blades and grooves
The gap between the vane and the vane groove is called the degree of adhesion, and it directly affects the noise of the pump.

High-precision CNC machining oil distribution tank
The oil distribution groove is the groove on the oil distribution plate. The depth, length and sharpness of the oil distribution groove will affect the noise of the oil pump. CNC finishing is adopted to strictly control the processing parameters of the oil distribution groove to reduce noise.

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