Transfer batter rotary lobe pump stainless steel 4.0GPM 4bar 1.2in 1.5HP 170RPM Stainless steel cam-rotor pump

A rotary lobe pump is a positive displacement pump with two rotors in the pump head. The two rotors are fixed to the two shafts and rotate synchronously in the opposite direction. The rotation creates a vacuum volume on the inlet side. The liquid is drawn into the pump head and travels in the chamber between the rotor and the pump head housing and is extruded on the outlet side. The pump has a wide range of viscosity suitability. It has the characteristics of low speed, high efficiency, stable operation, strong self-priming ability, convenient pump operation and preheating. The pump features a multi-style seal for reliable performance and long life. It is an ideal conveying equipment for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil, daily life and so on.


Product Name:
LX Series Hygienic lobe Pumps
Material Science:
SS304 / SS316L 
sealing material:
EPDM (Standard,  Approval)
Maximum flow:
Maximum pressure:
Maximum permissible fluid temperature:
100°C(212°F)/ 200°C(392°F) -water-cooling
Specification of power supply:
110V,220V,240V,380V,400V,415V,440V 50hz / 60hz
Connection type:
Fast clamping, flange, thread, SMS, barb, square port
Motor power:
Entry/Exit location:
Horizontal or vertical
Maximum viscosity:
1×10 6 CST
Optional criteria:
Scope of application:
Dairy products, food, beverages, pharmacies, cosmetics, etc.
Maximum diameter:
Rotor type:
Single leaf, double leaf, three leaf, four leaf, axe head, spiral
Sealing material:
EPDM (standard, approved)
Sealing options:
Teflon/hygienic single mechanical seal / double mechanical seal with cooling system
Packaging details:
Plywood box or custom. Or according to customer requirements
Product advantages

Hygienic standard: All parts in contact with the medium (material) are made of stainless steel (SUS304, AISL316, 316L), in line with hygienic standards.

Working efficiency: up to 90%

medium transmission: it can transport high viscosity medium up to 1.5 million CPS, AS AS AS sensitive medium, containing solid soft particle media, up to 60%.

Reversible operation: using the pump’s symmetrical structure, reversible conveying direction, forward suction, reverse flushing.

Seal: Provides many types of sealing options, Optional double-sided mechanical seal design, suitable for dry running.

Positioning structure: unique rotor installation design, accurate positioning, easy

maintenance . Maintenance: compact structure, small footprint, no need to move the pipeline system during maintenance.

Wear-resistant: all contacts The parts are made of stainless steel with almost no wearing parts.

Low speed operation: low working speed, a certain gap between the rotor and the rotor and the pump body , no friction, low noise, long service life.

Low cost: high work efficiency, Low consumption, environmental protection, less maintenance and long life.

Product Classificati

Lx series sanitary rotor pump has various conveying modes and driving forms. It can be changed according to customer requirements and can be divided into, for example, fixed speed, stepless speed regulation, variable frequency speed regulation, servo drive type and explosion proof type. According to the requirements of customer transportation methods and hygiene requirements, the categories are divided into horizontal conveyor type, vertical conveyor type, mobile type and sanitary type.


The unique design structure ensures product performance and durability.

1 ,seal diversity choice, you can choose Teflon seal, or single and double mechanical seal.

2 ,rotor and pump body are made of 304/316L food grade material.

3 ,unique and rotor Mounted Design, Precise Positioning, the Easy to Overhaul.

4, Stainless Steel Double Bolts are Fixed, More stable and the Easy to Assemble and disassemble.

5, Heavy Duty the Tapered Ball bearings

6, Synchronous Gears CAN BE the Selected from Straight teeth and helical Gears. at The Gears have high hardness, smoother torque rotation and low noise operation.

7 ,can provide multi-directional installation.

Application field

Household Chemicals: the SOAP, the SOAP, Toothpaste, Glycerin

Fine Cleaning Chemicals: Fuels, Pigments, Additives, Adhesives

Chemical Fiber: Polyester Fiber, Rayon, Polypropylene Fiber.

Papermaking: Starch Paste, slurry, DEFOAMER.

Coatings: Paints, Inks, Resins.

Food : chocolate, syrup, cream, mayonnaise, jam.

Cosmetics: creams and lotions, hair gels, essential oils.

Pharmaceutical: pills, syrup, extracts, emulsions, pharmaceutical pastes


Performance overview


















LX-6 0.06 25(1″)


960 19 108
LX-9 0.09 32(1.2″) 10 960


LX-18 0.18 40(1.5″) 10 960 21 166
LX-36 0.36 50(2″) 10 720 28 244
LX-60 0.6 65(2.5″) 10 720 38 444


80(3″) 10 600 48 832
LX-250 2.5 100(4″) 10 600 60 1665
LX-535 5.35 150(6″) 10 400 75 2800
LX-700 7 150(6″) 10 400 75 3200

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