Plastic Recycling Granulator Machine PET ABS Plastic Granules Pellet Crusher Soundproof Plastic Crusher with Collector

NOTE: Prices may vary by product model and material.

  • The Soundproof Plastic Granulator is a specially designed equipment for shredding various plastic products, runner and edge materials.
  • It incorporates noise reduction technology to minimize noise pollution.
  • By implementing noise reduction measures, the Centralized Silent Plastic Granulator significantly reduces the noise level during the plastic shredding process, providing a quieter working environment and reducing noise interference for workers and the surrounding environment.
  • This type of crusher is widely used in the plastic recycling and processing industry, contributing to improving working conditions and reducing noise pollution.



MODELS OF THE Plastic Recycling Granulator Machine

Model GP400-SP GP500-SP GP600-SP GP800-SP
Grinding Chamber 410×240mm 510×300mm 610×330mm 815×470mm
Grinding Capacity 200-250KG/H 300-350KG/H 350-450KG/H 450-600KG/H
Stationary Cutter 2 2 4 4
Rotary Cutter 12 15 18 24
Mesh Size Ф8mm Ф10mm Ф10mm Ф10mm
Power 7.5KW 11KW 15KW 22KW
10HP 15HP 20HP 30HP
Dimension (L×W×H) 1350×930×1590mm 1560×1070×1784mm 1560×1170×1870mm 1900×1510×2460mm
Net Weight 604KG 1220KG 1420KG 2380KG

High-strength cutting tools
The main shaft knife holders are made of 45# steel that has been quenched and tempered.
CR12MOV blades are used, which have a hardness of 57-59 degrees.

Safety & Stability
The entire line of crushers is equipped with Siemens electronic components to ensure equipment performance stability.
Additional safety protection devices, such as current relays, motor overload protection, and phase sequence protection, are installed to enhance safety measures.

Stainless steel Layer
The inner layer of the crusher is made of stainless steel material to prevent paint peeling and contamination of the raw materials caused by high-speed impacts during the crushing process.

Feeding System
The crusher is equipped with a standard feeding system that eliminates the need for manual feeding. It automatically recycles and reuses the materials, significantly improving production efficiency.

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