Manual Contour Measuring Machine VMM Vision Inspection Machine Dimensions Measuring Instrument

  • Linear guide way.
  • Aluminum work stage and hard anodizing.
  • Integrated core control box.
  • Multi function LED parallel light group.
  • 3 axis 0.5um resolution linear scale.
  • Industrial grade high resolution CCD camera.
  • 0.7-4.5X manual dented zoom lens with high repeatability.
  • Supporting multiple ext accessories.



Technical Parameters of the Manual Contour Measuring Machine

Model VMM200 VMM300 VMM400 VMM500
Dimension(L×W×H) 550mm×540mm×930mm 600mm×740mm×980mm 700mm×840mm×980mm 800mm×940mm×980mm
Measuring range(X×Y×Z) 200mm×100mm×150mm 300mm×200mm×200mm 400mm×300mm×200mm 500mm×400mm×200mm
Measuring Accuracy 2.5 + L / 100μm 2.5 + L / 100μm 2.5 + L / 100μm 3.0 + L / 100μm
Repeatability 2.5μm 2.5μm 2.5μm 3.0μm
Weight 140kg 190kg 240kg 290kg
Image and Measuring Camera Industrial grade high resolution CCD camera
Lens 0.7~4.5X manual dented zoom lens with high repeatability
Magnification 18~195 X
Field of View 8.1mm~1.3 mm
Working distance 80 mm
Linear scale resolution 0.5μm  ( 0.1μm Optional )
Driving system X / Y / Z  manual control
Illumination Programmable LED 8 sections /single section ring surface light, parallel LED contour light

Vision measurement machine is an instrument used for accurate physical dimension measuring, accuracy up to micron level,Which is an optical measuring instrument using the camera to capture the image of the work piece, analyse the image pixel and calculate the 2D dimension with the measuring software.

It is fit for small quantity samples measuring application. 3 axis manual control, with user friendly software, allows the operator to manage using the machine in very short time.

Using high accuracy and stability granite as machine base and column,with 3-axis 0.0005mm high-resolution linear sensor.—-Ensure each machine’s high performance and accuracy.

Using linear guide way and high-precision linear guide rail, with aluminum work stage and hard anodizing surface processing. —- Ensures the high dynamic performance and long life cycle usage of the machine.

Programmable contour LED light with parallel light path, avoids the deformation of the image. —- Ensures the measuringaccuracy.

With 8 section software control LED ring light, offer multiple illuminating angle and brightness.—- Fit for parts withdifferent shape and materials.

The lighting parameters can be record in the part measuring program, users do not need to adjust during the measuring process.—-Friendly and conveniently use.

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