Image Measuring Instrument For Dimension Manual 2D Measurement

  • The semi-automatic vision measuring machine provides customers with measurement function and user experience beyond ordinary products.
  • Full range of z-axis servo control, standard configuration of hand pulse generator for fine control and fine-tuning of Z-axis motion, with automatic image focusing function, your measurement efficiency and user experience are greatly improved.
  • Granite base and column, excellent stability.
  • The Z-axis adopts high-precision linear guide and servo motor control system to realize automatic focusing, eliminate the error of artificial focusing, and improve the measurement accuracy and stability.
  • Aluminum work stage,make the motion control fast reacting and flexible.



Models of the Image Measuring Instrument 

Model VMM200 VMM300 VMM400 VMM500
Dimension(mm)(L×W×H) 550×540×930 600×740×980 700×840×980 800×940×980
Measuring range(mm)(X×Y×Z) 200×100×150 300×200×200 400×300×200 500×400×200
Measuring Accuracy(μm) 2.5 + L / 100 3.0 + L / 100
Repeatability (μm) 2.5 3.0
Weight (kg) 140 190 240 290
Image and Measuring Camera 1.2M pixel HD digital camera
Lens 0.7-4.5X manual dented zoom lens with magnification signal feedback sensor
Magnification 18 – 195X ( For reference only. With different camera and lens the magnification will be different. )
Field of View 8.1mm ~ 1.3 mm
Working distance 80 mm
Linear scale resolution 0.5μm  ( 0.1μm Optional )
Driving system X, Y axis manual control, Z axis close-loop CNC control and AUTO FOCUS function available
Illumination Programmable 4 sections LED ring surface light, parallel LED contour light 8 sections LED ring light, co-axial light , for option.

Product features

  • Easy calibration
  • Multiple angle touching
  • Fast coordinates system setting
  • Compatible to full line of Renishaw stylis
  • 3D drawing output
  • Star probe compatible
  • 3D dimension measuring
  • Image and touch probe combine measuring

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