Utility PV Inverters SOFAR 350KTLX0 Three-phase 8 MPPTs Solar Inverter 350 kW Utility PV Solution On-Grid Solar System

  1. Three-phase
  2. Number of MPPTs: 8
  3. Max. input MPPT current:60A
  4. Max. efficiency up to 99.05%
  5. High-current input, compatible with 500Wp+ module
  6. Prolonged AC overload capacity (110%)
  7. IP66 & C5 protection design for outdoor
  8. Intelligent string breaking protection for high safety
  9. I-V curve scanning function



General Data of the Utility PV Inverters SOFAR 350KTLX0

  • Dimension(W×H×D): 1159×828×366mm
  • Weight: 113kg
  • Ambient temperature range: -30℃~+60℃
  • Topology: Transformerless
  • Degree of protection: IP66
  • Allowable relative humidity range: 0~100%
  • Max. operating altitude: 5000m(>4000m derating)
  • Cooling: Smart air cooling
  • Display: LED, Bluetooth +APP
  • Communication: RS485 / PLC

Model SOFAR 350KTLX0
Input (DC)
Max. input voltage 1500V
Rated input voltage 1160V
Start-up voltage 550V
MPPT operating voltage range 500V~1500V
Number of MPP trackers 8
Number of DC inputs 32
Max. input MPPT current 8*60A
Max. input short circuit current 8*100A
Output (AC)
AC output power 352kVA@40°C / 320kVA@45°C / 295kVA@50°C
Max.output current 254.1A
Rated output voltage 3/PE, 800V
Output voltage range 640~920V
Rated output frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Output frequency range 45~55Hz/55~65Hz
Active power adjustable range 0~100%
THDi <3%
Power factor 1 (+/-0.8 adjustable)
Max. efficiency 99.05%
European efficiency 98.80%
Dc reverse polarity protection Yes
Anti-islanding protection Yes
Leakage current protection Yes
Ground fault monitoring Yes
PV-array string fault monitoring Yes
DC switch Yes
PID recovery Yes
SPD PV: type II, AC: type II