Polypropylene Heavy Weight Meltblown Maintenance Universal Absorbent Bonded Roll,150′ Length x 30″ Width,Gray

  • This roll is made from one layer of meltblown that is sonically bonded together
  • Good value and reliable performance
  • PERFECT SIZE for any room; poster is 22.375″ x 34″
  • EASILY DECORATE any space to create the perfect decor for a party,bedroom,bathroom,kids room,living room,office,dorm,and more



Application area
It is suitable for cleaning up, containment, and preventing any areas where oil and chemical spills may occur, including manufacturing, transportation, petrochemical, maritime emergency rescue, ports, aviation, public security and fire protection, medical industry, energy and power industry, Environmental Protection Bureau, military, food processing industry, etc. Any place where leaking liquids need to be removed.

1. Industrial manufacturing is used in all places where liquid leakage or oil and chemical storage and distribution may occur, including warehouse areas, around machines and pipelines, near fuel tanks and equipment, under trains and trucks, near valves, under aircraft, workstations, etc.

2. Automobile, aircraft and train manufacturing plants, plastic plants, injection molding plants, mold plants, steel plants, mines, machinery plants, metal processing plants, petroleum refineries, petroleum companies, shipyards, chemical plants, food processing plants, paper mills, optical fiber plants, cable plants, oil/chemical storage companies, oil refineries, oil depots, environmental cleanup companies, leak-proof contractors, fire departments, energy and power

Basic performance and parameters
(1) Large oil absorption (10 to 20 times its own weight)
(2) Fast oil absorption (in minutes)
(3) Can be suspended, suitable for industrial or offshore use

(4) Clean, light and fast
(5) After adsorbing the leaking liquid, it can be reused after extrusion to save money

(6). Chemical reactions are not easy to occur (chemical resistance)
(7), will not decompose or deteriorate, safe and environmentally friendly, does not aid combustion, does not rot or moldy

(8), can be incinerated or mixed with fuel, and only 0.02 of the ashes are incinerated at high temperature.%
(9) It does not contain dust and abrasive particles, and will not affect the normal operation of the equipment and damage expensive equipment.

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