Metal Flame Plasma Cutting Machine 1500*3000mm CNC system

This equipment is widely used in stainless steel , carbon steel , alloy steel , silicon steel , spring steel , galvanized plate , pickling plate and other metal plate and tube plate cutting.



Metal Flame Plasma Cutting Machine

CNC system
The CNC system is suitable for all kinds of flame/plasma cutting machine, widely used in metal processing and other industries.
The system is highly reliable in design, with anti-plasma interference, anti-lightning, anti-surge capabilities.
Practical flame/plasma cutting process, plasma machining, automatic corner speed control, and elevation control; Wireless remote control is available for remote operation.
With slit compensation function, and check the program compensation is reasonable, make the corresponding report for users to choose.
Breakpoint recovery, automatic power off recovery function, breakpoint automatic memory.
Multi-language operation interface conversion, dynamic graphics display, 1 ~ 8 times graphics magnification, automatic tracking of moving point, using U disk reading program and timely software upgrade.

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