Edge Sealing and Heat Shrinking Machine High Speed Edge Sealing Machine Heat Shrink Film Packaging Machine

The internationally advanced constant-temperature side sealing knife is used to achieve sustainable sealing and cutting, and the product length is not limited.
Constant temperature heating sealing knife system. The horizontal knife in the sealing part is driven vertically, and the sealing line is straight and firm, ensuring that the sealing and cutting line is in the middle of the product to achieve the ideal sealing effect.
Products of different sizes can also be packaged in combination.
The feeding length control is combined with electric eye detection and timer to accurately control the film length, making the shrinkage effect easier to control.
It has wide application range, high economic benefit and good packaging effect.



Basic parameters of the Edge Sealing and Heat Shrinking Machine

Product Name Edge sealing machine Shrink packaging machine
Dimensions L1705mm×W1000mm×H1530mm L1800mm×W980mm×H1320mm
Maximum sealing size L450mm
Maximum packaging size No limit to length, W/H≤430mm No limit to length, W250mm×H500mm
Packaging Speed 20-35 pcs/min 2500-3500 pcs/h
Net Weight 290kg 300kg
Power 1.8kw 3kw
Power Supply 1φ220V/380V 50/60Hz 3φ220V/380V 50/60Hz
Use air source 5.5kg/cm²


  • According to customer needs, automatic air blowing function can be added.
  • Adjustable height and width. Products with different packaging specifications and sizes can be adjusted simply with the hand wheel.
  • Automatically take up waste materials. Using a separate motor control, it will not be too loose or too tight to cause tearing, and the scrap can be easily disassembled.
  • The addition of electric eyes facilitates switching selection, and sealing and packaging operations for thin or small products can be easily completed.
  • Adopt advanced PLC programmable controller. With safety protection and alarm device. The sealing and cutting system can continuously and smoothly perform sealing actions without replacement, and the maintenance operation is simple.

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