Compressed Air Filter Regulator 1/4″ NPT Lubricator Combo Water/Oil Trap Separator Gauge Poly Bowl Manual Drain Bracket

  • Manual Drain – User Control, Enhanced Reliability, Versatile Application, Simple Maintenance, Ideal for Low Usage Scenarios, Environmentally Friendly.
  • This Air Filter Features a 5 Micron Brass Filter Element for Excellent Filtering Performance, Longer Life, and Reuse Feasibility.
  • Max Supply Pressure of 145 psi;
  • Operating Pressure Range of 0-125 psi.
  • Temperature Range of 41-140℉ (5-60℃);
  • Flow Rate of 20 SCFM (500 L/minute) @ 90 psi.



Installation and Operating of the Compressed Air Filter Regulator


  • The assembly of all calibration shall meet the maximum flow requirement.
  • Please clean the port and fitting before installation, it will effectively avoid bringing dust to the air path.
  • Pay attention to the direction of airflow and the arrow pointing on the product body if correct, minding port and thread size if match.

Pressure Adjustment

  • Pull up the knob of the pressure gauge, and rotate it:
    If you do a clockwise rotation, pressure will rise steadily. Pressure will down when you rotate counterclockwise.
  • Stop turning after reaching the required index and lock down the knob, forget this step you may face a leakage problem.

Dial Reading

  • Make sure that the pressure gauge is tightly installed on the main body, and pay attention to whether the reading rises and falls smoothly while adjusting pressure.

Manual Drainage

  • With manual drainage, you can manually drain the water in the filter cup, which is easy to operate.
  • When the water level exceeds the upper limit, drainage must be performed, otherwise, it will cause poor dehumidification.
  • Pay attention to the arrow at the drain switch: ↑ is to close the drainage, at this time the drain head cannot exhaust and drain water. ↓ is to open the drainage, at this time the drain head is exhaust and drain continuously.

Oil Adjustment

  • Rotate the needle valve in the “+” direction to increase the oil absorption speed, and it will slow down or stop when you rotate to “-” direction.


  • Rotates the refueling screw clockwise, the oil you add should not exceed 80% of the bowl. After refueling, please tighten the refueling screw.

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