Stainless Steel Roller Chain 240 Links 10 Feet with Free Connecting Links

  • Chain Length: 10 Feet
  • ANSI Chain No.: 40
  • Process: Heat treatment during product processing ensures the toughness of all components, reduces wear during use and extends the service life of products
  • Quality: The run-in of the roller chain after final assembly not only improves the endurance ability of the chain, but also effectively keep off the initial elongation of the chain
  • Technical Support: Prestressed operation firmly holds chain components, evenly distributes workload, accurately determines chain length, and keep off rapid elongation during initial run-in



Specification of the Stainless Steel Roller Chain

Material Stainless Steel
Pitch (P) 0.5 Inch (12.7 mm)
Weight 0.417 Lb/ft (0.62 kg/m)
Breaking Load 9.6 KN (2182 lbs)
Pin Length (L max) 0.654 Inch (16.60 mm)
Pin Length (Lc max) 0.701 Inch (17.80 mm)
Pin Diameter (d2 max) 0.156 Inch (3.96 mm)
Plate Thickness (T max) 0.059 Inch (1.50 mm)
Roller Diameter (d1 max) 0.313 Inch (7.95 mm)
Inner Plate Depth (h2 max) 0.472 Inch (12.0 mm)
Width Between Inner Plates (b1 min) 0.310 Inch (7.85 mm)

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