Optical Linear Scale 0 to 36 Inch / 0 to 920 mm Range High Accuracy Optical Linear Scale for Lathe /Milling Machine

  • Optical linear scale range: 0 to 36 inch / 0 to 920 mm.
  • Resolution: 0.0002 inch, accuracy: +/- 0.0002 inch.
  • Grating system: The transmissive and infrared optical measuring system, the infrared wave length is 880nm.

Note: Prices may vary depending on product capacity and quality.



Optical Linear Scale Wide range of applications

  • This Optical Linear Scale can be adapted to almost any machine tool. Such as milling machines, machining centers, boring machines, wire cutting, spark machines, lathes, grinding machines, sawing machines, bending machines and testing equipment and instruments.
  • The grating ruler has good anti-vibration performance and fast movement speed. These characteristics make it not only meet the requirements of conventional mechanical properties, but also meet the requirements of linear motor drive speed.

Product details

Closed structure, the whole foot is dustproof and waterproof.

The Optical Linear Scale adopts a closed structure, the aluminum casing protects the grating, scanning unit and track from dust and cutting, and the elastic sealing strip protects the sealing of the casing.

The body of the reading head is waterproof and can reach a water depth of two meters. The entire foot is dustproof and waterproof up to IP54, with strong pollution resistance and good water resistance. The sensor uses a glass precision metrology grating as a measurement reference.

Strong shock resistance and good wear resistance.

The sliding seat adopts high-quality imported five bearings and a special spring structure, which can count reliably even in the case of large cutting, and has excellent repeatability.

The body of the Optical Linear Scale is made of aluminum alloy profile, which is anodized; the body of the grating ruler is thick to ensure the accuracy of the grating ruler installed on the machine tool. The ruler head is made of alloy die-casting, hard chrome plated, and corrosion-resistant.

The metal signal line has super strong anti-interference ability

Standard data transmission line with snake skin tube metal shell, double-layer shielded line protected by integral injection molding metal soft shell, strong anti-interference. It is especially suitable for long-distance transmission circuit signal processing boards using four-layer boards.

The front-end signal adopts differential processing, which greatly improves the anti-interference ability. The anti-interference ability of the whole signal is up to 2200V. (Optional: soft rubber data transmission line).

Signal output frequency up to 2.5MHZ

Self-developed sine wave signal subdivision chip, pure hardware processing, fast conversion speed, signal output frequency up to 2.5MHZ. The receiving module uses six large-area photodiodes, which enhances the strength of the output signal and improves the anti-interference ability.

The self-designed single LED light source has better parallelism and uniformity of light intensity than ordinary multiple LED light sources. A single LED light source overcomes the problem of out-of-sync aging of four pairs of tube LED light sources, ensuring long-term stable operation. (It can be used with various digital display boxes, which is more convenient and quick.)

Working principle

The Optical Linear Scale infrared LED light source produces a large area of parallel light through the self-designed optical lens. After the light passes through the scanning grating and the grating scale, a signal with periodic brightness changes is formed at the photoelectric receiving tube.

The electrical signal after photoelectric conversion is synchronized with the grating scale. The grid pitch is consistent. Adopt self-designed single light source and large-area integrated receiving module to ensure high-quality signal output, and the resolution can reach 0.5um.

The light source and photoelectric receiving module determine the quality of the output signal, and therefore also determine the positioning accuracy and the speed of movement.

The picture on the right shows the single light source and large-area receiving module used, which is different from most of the traditional four-pair tubes in the market. The stability and anti-pollution ability have obvious advantages, reducing the maintenance cost in the later period.

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