Magnetic flow meter beer milk heat btu magnetic flow meter

Applicable medium:
Several types of heating, air-conditioning and other heat calculations for residential quarters, office buildings and enterprises
and institutions.


Caliber range:
DN3-DN3000 (DN3\DN4 is flange clamping type)
Lining type:
Polychloroprene rubber, PTFE, F46, PFA, silicon
fluoride, polyurethane rubber
Electrode type:
316L, Ha B, Ha C, titanium, tantalum, platinum-iridium
alloy, stainless steel tungsten carbide
Pressure range:
0.6~42Mpa (high pressure needs to be customized)
Temperature resistance:
±0.5%, can be customized ±0.3%, ±0.2%
Protection level:
Sensor IP65\IP67\IP68 (optional), converter IP65
Output type:

Frequency, pulse, 4-20mA, RS485, Modbus protocol,

Hart protocol (optional),
Profibus DP (optional),
Power supply:
85~250V, 45~63Hz, 20VDC — 36VDC
Temperature sensor :
 1 pair ,PT1000
Liner material
1.The most steadiest material in plastics which is resistance to boiling hydrochloric acid ,vitriol and aqua regia as well as
strong and organic impregnates.
2.Not be perfect in abrasion resistance
Strong corrosive mediums such as strong acid and alkali
Having the same abration resistance with PTFE .Having strong ability of load pressure resistance.
Applicable in state of load pressure
1. Having the same abration resistance with PTFE.
2.Resistance for low abration.3.Having strong resistance to load pressure
1.The same as PTFE
2.Applicable in medium of low abrasion
Be of good elasticity ,retractility and abration resistance 2.Be resistance to low acid ,alkali and salt but not for oxidation
Water,sewage and slurry ,mineral serosity of low abration.
1.Be good of abration resistibility (equal to 10 times of caoutchouc)
2.Not be perfect in acid/alkali resistance
3.Can;t be used for water mixted with organic impregnants
Applicable in mineral serosity,slurry and coal slurry of high abration.

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