Jinlang three-phase grid-connected inverter 50KW photovoltaic inverter 6-way MPPT string solar inverter

Maximum efficiency 98.7%
5/6-way MPPT design, support multi-orientation
AFCI protection, effectively reducing the risk of fire on the DC side (optional)
IP68 smart fan with little heat dissipation, reliable and efficient
Support for nighttime SVG functionality
High-precision string-level monitoring, intelligent IV curve scanning
Support DC-side string two-in-one connection
10/12 string inputs, supporting more than 150% DC side over-provisioning
string maximum current 16A
Support PID repair at night to increase system power generation (optional) 100% of key components are selected from world-renowned brands
IP66, C5 corrosion protection
Support anti-backflow function
One-click scan code to access Jinlang cloud, support remote upgrade and settings
Support aluminum wire access, save the cost of AC cables Support PLC/GPRS/WiFi communication mode, reduce communication cable and construction costs



G5-GC(50-60)K is Ginlong’s new generation three-phase string inverter, suitable for industrial, commercial and ground power station projects. The single-string input current is increased to 16A, which is fully compatible with various high-efficiency modules and bifacial modules, and the system MPPT density is increased to 100MPPT/MW, which is more suitable for photovoltaic power station projects with various orientations and complex systems.

With IP66 protection level and C5 anti-corrosion level, it can easily cope with more severe application environments. At the same time, it supports functions such as PLC communication, AC and DC cable design optimization, intelligent I-V curve scanning, and remote operation and maintenance, which can effectively reduce system costs, simplify operation and maintenance, and improve system efficiency.

DC input
Maximum input voltage: 1100V
Starting voltage: 195V
Maximum input current: 5*32A
Number of MPPTs/Maximum number of input strings: 510
Rated input voltage: 600V
MPPT voltage range: 180-1000V
Maximum input short circuit current: 5*50A
AC output
Rated output power: 50kW
Maximum active power: 55kW
Rated grid frequency: 50Hz
Maximum output current: 83.6A
Total current harmonic distortion: <3%
maximum apparent power 55kVA
Rated grid voltage: 3/N/PE. 220/380V
Rated grid output current: 76.0A
Power due to: >0.99 ( 0.8 lead ….0.8 lag)
maximum efficiency: 98.70%
Chinese efficiency: 98.10%
DC reverse polarity protection: have
AC output overcurrent protection: have
Grid Monitoring: have
Temperature protection: have
I/V curve scan: have
Integrated DC switch: have
Integrated AFCI (DC Fault Protection): optional
AC short circuit protection: have
Surge protection: DC secondary/AC secondary
Island Protection: have
String Monitoring: have
PID repair: Optional (PID repair function is not compatible with negative ground or nighttime SVG functions)
Negative ground: optional
Basic parameters
Dimensions (WH~D): 691*578*338 mm
Topology: Transformerless
Working environment humidity: 0-100%
Protection class: IP66
Maximum working altitude: 4000m
Safety/EMC standard IEC 62109-1/-2, IEC 62116, IEC 61000-6-1/-2/-3/-4
weight: 54.5kg
Self-consumption at night: <1W
Working temperature: -25~+60°C
cooling method: Smart Redundant Air Cooling
Grid-connected standard: NB/T 32004

530w, 535w, 545w

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