Handheld Vacuum Pump Pressure Tester Automobile Brake Clutch Fluid Bleed Kit, Automobile Manual Vacuum Pump Pumping Dual-purpose

  • Handheld Vacuum Pump[ Vacuum Gauge ] — Equipped with vacuum gauge, convenient readout of pressure accurately. Pressure: 0-60PSI (0 to 4 Bar), Dual Function-vacuum: 0-30 in vacuum (0 to -1 Bar).
  • [ Design ] — The handheld piston pump is designed with simple operation. It only needs to operate the air intake control valve on the pump. The output is used for pressurizing the system and the input is used for testing the vacuum
  • [ Widely Usage ] — The set can creates and maintains a metered vacuum, allowing testing of many vacuum operated systems. It is suitable for a variety of automotive testing and diagnostic tasks, including motorcycle brake bleeding. It can also be used to test a variety of ships, aircraft and agricultural equipment
  • [ Performance ] — Good sealing performance, convenient installation, exquisite design and simple operation. *Do not use the vacuum pump to aspirate liquid damage to the lumen will result in seals
  • [ Convenient Carrying ] — Made by high quality material, durable and rugged, contained in a blow mold case. Suitable for both home and business applications and easy to transport and store



Handheld Vacuum Pump Package Includes:
1x Hand Held Vacuum & Pressure Pump Tester
2x Storage Reservoir with Covers
2x 20.5″ Vacuum Hose
1x 3.8″ Vacuum Hose
1x 3.7″ Vacuum Hose
1x 3.4″ Vacuum Hose
13x Adapters
1x User Manual
1x Case
1. Bleed brakes and test automotive vacuum systems easily
2. Suitable for all vehicle makes and models
3. The hand operated pump pulls the fluid through the bleed nipple, eliminating need to use the brake lever or pedal
4. Manual pump with pressure gauge allows testing of many vacuum operated systems, fuel pumps, carbs, etc
1. Inflator pump: Move the collar on the cylinder rearward and pump out the inflating pressure
2. Vacuum pump: Move the collar on the cylinder forward and pump for vacuum. This electric vacuum pump is most commonly used for vacuum.

Product Name: Manual Vacuum Pump for Pumping and Beating
Product weight: 1.5KG
Product material: metal
Product size: 55.5*38*37.5CM
Product use: auto maintenance – brake fluid replacement

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