Grain Suction Pneumatic Conveyor Pneumatic Conveying Equipment Pneumatic Conveyor

  • Pneumatic vacuum conveyor, also called suction grain machine.
  • It is the 1 kind of advanced material handling machinery, which can handle and unload grain and other bulk particles, such as wheat, rice, peanuts, soybeans, corn, rapeseed, cottonseed, feed, etc., and can also be used for non-food bulk particles, such as Plastic particles, etc.
  • At the same time, we can also customize the powder conveyor for the handling of powdery materials, loading and unloading. such as cement, flour and so on.
  • When conveying grains, it has the effect of removing impurities and dehydrating grains.
  • The application scenarios mainly include loading and unloading ships at docks, warehouse entry and exit, and food processing factories.



Models of the Grain Suction Pneumatic Conveyor

Model PC3 PC5 PC10 PC15 PC20 PC30 PC50
Max conveying capacity 3T/H 5T/H 10T/H 15T/H 20T/H 30T/H 50T/H
Max horizontal conveying distance 20m 30m 50m 70m 120m 170m 200m
Max lifting height 5m 5m 8m 12m 18m 30m 42m
Power of fan and air lock 5.5+0.75kw 7.5+0.75kw 11+0.75kw 15+1.1kw 22+1.1kw 37+1.5kw 37+1.5kw
Feed pipe diameter 124mm 124mm 150mm 150mm 160mm 160mm 200mm


  • The equipment has the characteristics of convenient, fast, labor-saving and people-saving.
  • Less dust pollution, flexible and convenient operation.
  • Just arrange the conveying pipeline according to the needs, and you can carry out horizontal, vertical, and inclined conveying.
  • High air pressure, long conveying distance, high lift, small size, low noise and low energy consumption.
  • Use a special suction nozzle for local deep suction. It can go deep into the grain layer and obtain materials below 6 meters.

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