German standard 20L draft beer barrel extra thick 304 stainless steel beer barrel turnover barrel

Material: stainless steel 304 food grade
Specifications: German standard 20L beer barrel
Diameter: 363 ± 2mm
Height: 305 ± 2mm
Barrel thickness: 1.5mm
Upper and lower ring thickness: 1.5mm
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Precautions for using beer barrel:

1. This product cannot contain other highly corrosive liquids

2. This product cannot be disassembled under normal use, so as to avoid accidents caused by the gas pressure in the barrel popping up the wine mao. In addition, if it is installed improperly, it will cause wine leakage.

3. When the outside temperature rises when the barrel is empty, a certain pressure will be generated in the barrel. If it is necessary to disassemble, if the sealing ring is damaged and the sealing ring needs to be replaced, please use a professional distributor to relieve the pressure in the barrel first. If it falls off, use professional tools to disassemble it to avoid accidents.

4. Do not use non-professional tools to disassemble, otherwise it will cause damage to the accessories.

5. Avoid throwing, rolling, dragging, etc. during use, so as not to cause unnecessary hidden dangers due to product deformation or damage

6. When cleaning the inside of the product, it is recommended to use professional beer barrel cleaning equipment. It is not recommended to disassemble and wash by yourself. The first unsafe and easy to happen, the second is not thorough cleaning is easy to cause pollution in the barrel, and the third is dismantling for many times It is easy to shorten the service life of accessories

7. When filling wine, it is recommended not to fill it too full, and leave a small space in the barrel to avoid excessive pressure and damage to the valve.

beer barrel German standard 20L beer barrel 304 stainless steel
beer barrel

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