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1. The motor is driven by the V-belt to make the rotor parts rotate at high speed. The fruit is fed into the machine from the feeding port, and the feeding blades convey the material to the beating bar. Under the action of the beating bar, the material is mashed. Due to the effect of centrifugal force, the juice and meat (already pulped) in the material enter the next process through the sieve holes on the screen, and the core is discharged from the slag outlet by the slag discharge blade, so as to realize the automatic separation of pulp and slag.
2. Operation and precautions
*Before driving, first check whether the connection between the parts of the rotor assembly is firm and reliable, and whether the motor steering is consistent with the label, then add grease to the bearings at both ends, turn the handwheel clockwise, and lock the front cover of the cylinder before driving; then Add materials evenly and do not impact. Depending on the specific situation of slag and pulp output, properly adjust the helix angle of the scraper and the gap between the scraper and the screen to make the juice content of the slag meet the process requirements. Parking: Turn the hand wheel counterclockwise, and after the motor stops rotating, pull off the main brake.
*Do not open the front cover when the rotor has not stopped rotating.
* After each shift, it should be cleaned and maintained once to prevent the material from fermenting and deteriorating in the machine and the lubricating part from losing oil. When cleaning, open the front cover, unscrew the tension screw at one end of the spline, and then the rotor part can be easily pulled out, and the screen can be taken out directly.


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