Communication Cable Fault Tester Cable Fault Locator Instrument For Detecting Cable Faults

Technical parameters
The longest testing distance:15km (100km for the open-wire line)
Testing .dead zone:1m
Resolution of reading:1m
Power dissipation:5VA
Environment temperature:0℃~+40℃
Terminal temperature:-10℃~+50℃
Relative humility:20-90%RH



Cable Fault Tester Functions & Characteristics:
1.Fully FeaturedIt can test faults safely, rapidly and accurately ; This Tester uses low-voltage pulse method and high-voltage pulse flash-over method to detect a variety of cable faults, especially for flash-over of cable, it can be used directly without burning through cables . If equipped acoustic tester, the exact location of the fault can be accurately
2.measuredHigh precisionThe instrument uses a high speed data sampling method ,The sampling rate of A/D can be 100MHz, which made the read resolution of this machine is 1 meter, and the blind spot detection scope is 1m.
3.Low static drift: The core components are imported components with reliable performance.
4.High output power: precision high-power tube is used internally to ensure that the output signal power is large enough and not easy to attenuate.
5.Perfect protection function: The internal protection circuit of the instrument is complete, with protection functions such as overvoltage and overcurrent.
6.Convenient to carry: Built-in rechargeable battery power supply, suitable for various occasions.
7.High positioning accuracy: a quartz crystal oscillator and a high-speed signal processing chip are used for signal sampling and processing, with acoustic and magnetic synchronization functions to ensure accurate and reliable positioning accuracy.
8.It has the function of changing the speed of communication depending on the tested cable.
9.Strong anti-interference ability: under severe interference conditions, the instrument can still guarantee good performance and work stably.
10.High receiving sensitivity: Special manufacturing technology is adopted to increase the transmission distance, and the instrument can still receive signals clearly.

Operation mode
Output – fixed frequency intermittent square wave signal
Output Power
Output impedance
Output signal frequency
Output signal amplitude
Pathfinder transmitter power supply
Fault locator
Rough measurement error
Less than 10%
Fixed-point error
Electromagnetic channel gain
>110dB (300,000 times)
Electromagnetic channel receiver sensitivity
Sound channel audio amplifier gain
<120dB (1 million times when the signal-to-noise ratio is 4:1)
50Hz Power frequency rejection
>40dB (100 times)
Power consumption
<120mA (0.7W)
Buried depth detection

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