Aloe Vera Peeler Machine Multifunctional Automatic Aloe Peeler

Aloe peeling machine is mainly used for peeling aloe and cactus. The frame and hood are made of high-quality stainless steel, the conveyor belt is a food-grade light sanitary conveyor belt, and the motor adopts a frequency converter to control stepless speed change, which can freely control the production speed.

Mechanical features, good peeling effect, high output, convenient control, etc. After the cactus, aloe and other materials are manually cut off the head and tail, they are placed on the conveyor belt of the peeling machine, and the conveyor belt moves forward. The pressing conveyor belt presses the material downwards. After passing through the upper and lower peeling knives, the skin of the material is peeled off, The pulp passes through the middle of the upper and lower knives, so as to achieve the purpose of peeling.



Technical Parameters of the Aloe Vera Peeler Machine

Name Aloe peeling machine
Voltage 380v
Power 0.75KW
Output 1500kg/H
Size 1850mm×850mm×1550mm
Material 304 stainless steel
Features High peeling rate

High Yield

Easy to control

Stainless steel material

Infinitely variable speed

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