85kg/24h Air-Cooled Ice Machine Commercial Cube Ice Machine Equipment 72 Ice Trays Ice Maker

  • Ice production: 850KG/24H
  • Product size: 500mm×560mm×830mm (L×W×H)
  • Ice storage capacity: 20KG
  • Condensation method: Air cooling
  • Number of ice trays: 72
  • Ice type: Square
  • Product power: 220W



Technical specifications of the 85kg/24h Air-Cooled Ice Machine

Product name Commercial ice machine
Product voltage 220V/110V
Ice production 850KG/24H
Product size 500mm×560mm×830mm (L×W×H)
Ice storage capacity 20KG
Condensation method Air cooling
Number of ice trays 72
Ice type Square
Product power 220W
Product frequency 50HZ

Ice Making Steps

  • Step 1: Connect the water source, and the water will automatically flow into the evaporator after power is turned on. Water is continuously circulated over the evaporator.
  • Step 2: The evaporator is constantly cooling. After about 15 minutes, the water slowly turned into ice on the evaporator.
  • Step 3: After the water on the evaporator is completely frozen, the ice maker will automatically stop working. When ice making is completed, the ice will automatically fall out.
  • Step 4: Ice making is completed (it will work again after the ice falls).

Note: Due to the first ice making, the evaporator cannot adapt to the temperature of the water, and the working time will be longer. After 7 times of ice making, ice will be produced normally for 15-20 minutes/time, reaching the maximum ice production.

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