3000ml Vacuum Suction Filter Device Filtering Equipment For Lab Filter


High temperature resistance
Acid and alkali resistance
Easy to assemble
Borosilicate glass
Strong and sturdy
Good sealing



Clean the filter device,If sterilization is needed, the device can be disassembled and sterilized by high pressure steam at 121°C. After that, the sand core filter head is butt to the receiving bottle, the filter membrane is covered on the sand core filter head, and then the filter cup is installed. The aluminum alloy clip is used to fix the filter cup and sand core filter head, and the dust cover is covered.Under the action of vacuum pump, the vacuum filtration can begin.

Vacuum Filtration Apparatus parameter list
Receiving bottle capacity 3000ml
Sand core diameter 100mm
Adaptive filter membrane diameter 110mm
Effective filter surface diameter 100mm
Filter cup capacity 1000ml
Overall height ≈630mm
Adaptive silicone tube: Inner diameter 8mm, External diameter 12mm.
The all-glass Filter Holder is not a standard volume bottle, and the marked volume is not a precise volume, please note

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