WD-40A Manual Hot Glue Binding Machine Book Binder binding machine

WD-40A one line operation step, which can make the operation easy, simple and fast. The new type of milling cutter roller is designed with glue roller together, eliminating the excessive noise of milling cutter working . It is suitable for use in school, office buildings where quiet conditions are needed.


1-Sliding table
3-The driver handle
4-Paper clip drive handle
5-Scrape film adjustment hole
6-The cover plate
7-Feed wheel drive handle
8-Temperature control knob
9-Heating lamp
10-Working light
11-The power switch
12-Gluing tank and gluing components
13-Cover locating plate
14-Cover binding handle
15-Cover the platen
16-The cover clamp
17-Cover locator
18-Operation diagram
19-Cover width locator

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