Ultrasonic washing system useful for auto parts cleaning like fuel injectors and oily parts.

Standard tank size is from 1.3L to 30L .They are mainly used in the following fields.

Industrial Manufacturing
1)Assembly 2)Gears 3)Metal & Plastic Parts 4)Precision Bearings 5)Relays & Motors 6)Switches 7)Clean engine parts

 8)Mould blind window 9)Injector&air cylinder 10)Hardware&screw 11) nut& bullet shell

In Auto Industry
1) Carburetor castings 2) Fuel Injectors 4) Machined Parts 5) Stamped Parts 6Switches 7) Car part

In Electronics Manufacturing (Remove Rosin and welding spot)
1) Capacitors 2) Ceramic Substrates 3)Quartz Crystals 4) PC Boards 5) Packaging Components 6)Cleaning of castings
7) SMDS 8)Cleaning of electronic parts 9)Cleaning cartridges printers10) Cleaning of printed circuit boards (without removing elements)11) Cleaning of precision mechanical and electronic systems on the site



In Mechanical Industry
1) Cleaning needles with grease 2) Maintenance of bearings, machines, and other item3) Purification of electrodes 

 4) Cleaning equipment diesel, petrol5) Injection solenoid valves, carburetor 6) Wash plastic7) Removing raid with brass contacts 8) Cleaning the measuring instruments and precision tools9) Removal of pollutants from vulcanization molds
10) Removal of sediment and pollutants from the nozzles and screens 

In Optics (glass shop or manufactures optical vessels oil, sweat and dust removal)
1) Glass washing after polishing or grinding 3)Cleaning of optical glass 2) Removal of debris after milling eyeglass frames

In Medical & Dental Labs:
1) Burs 2)Blood Oxygenators 3) Syringe Parts 4) Cannulae 5)Dental Instruments 6) Surgical Instruments
7) dental hand piece, dental needle, dental drill, false tooth, forceps

 In scientific Labs:
1) Eyeglass Frames 2)Lab Glassware 3) Optical & Contact Lenses 4) Pipettes 5)Scientific Instruments 6)Test Tubes

Surface treatment industry
1) Removing oil and rust before electroplating 2) Cleaning before ion plating3) Phosphating treatment 4) Removing carbon deposition 5) Removing oxidation skin 6)Removing polishing paste7)Activating metal work piece surface, etc.

Textile printing and dyeing industry
1)Textile spindle 2)Spinneret plate cleaning.

Petrochemical industry
1) Metal filter cleaning 2)Chemical containers cleaning 

Food industry
1) Cleaning, disinfection, sterilization 2) Analysis of the object of crushing &emulsification,3)Analysis of object of extraction, mixing 4)Dispersing, dissolving, defoaming and degassing 5)Accelerating chemical reaction
In Jewelry Manufacturing
1) Chains&Watches 2)Charms& Coins 3) Intricate Settings 4)Precious Metals & Gemstones 5)Cleaning jewelry polishing paste 6)Cleaning of casting 7)Cleaning grindstones 8)Numismatics 9)Removing raids 10) Cleaning exhibits with polishing past
In household
1) Clean vinyl record                 7)Rings                              13)Diamonds                        19) Bracelets

2) Antiques                                 8)Sunglass                        14)Optial lenses                   20)Tottoos
3) Piercing tools                       9)Watch                               15)Dentures                          21)Razor head
4) Razor                                     10)Teeth                              16)Comb                                 22)Toothbrush

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