Manual Reset Capillary thermostat with Copper Bulb

The capillary thermostats are used in electric heater,industry iron,sterilizer ,electric water heater, washer, electric oven, fried pan, ice machines, fish ponds,etc.



1. Precise to 0.1 degrees
2. Good material, accurate temperature
IMIT capillary thermostat used for refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners
IMIT thermostat has the following advantaes:
1. Good material
2. Accurate temperature
3. Reliable
4. Rating voltage: 250V 50HZ
5. Service life for operation : 100,000 cycles
6. Used for refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners
7. Good quality, competitive price
8. This product series is best applicable for frozen case and rdfrigerators. If the temperature exceeds the temperature for starting machine by a certain number, the signal puts through and the alarm signal emerges.
9. Temperature range: -35°C ~ +300°C,
10. Temperature control scope:≤25°C
11.Differential: 5 ~ 14°C
12.Production Group: Capillary Thermostat
* Product Size: Contact us for dimension drawings of the specific thermostats you need.

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