Magnetic Stirring Electric Heating Sleeve Lab Heating Device ZNCL-TS-5000ML

The magnetic stirrer is mainly used for heating and stirring the liquid or solid-liquid mixture with viscosity. According to the time and requirements, the temperature of the sample is accurately controlled, with fast temperature rise and no impact to ensure the safety of the sample. In addition, it has a timing function and can be connected to a computer to record the whole process of the experiment.



1. Use electric heating mantle for heating, which has the characteristics of large, uniform heating area and fast temperature rise. The maximum temperature is 380C.
2. It can heat and stir 50-10000ml standard or non-standard reaction bottles.
3. Using the German PAPST series brushless DC motor, it has stable performance, low noise, long life and no sparks.
4. The shell is made of one-time reinforced aluminum alloy shell, which is high temperature resistant, anti-corrosion and has good insulation performance.
5.30° inclined control panel is suitable for sitting and standing viewing angles.
6. Stepless speed regulation, stable at low speed and powerful at high speed.
7. Digital speed display function.

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