Laboratory Filters Glass Vacuum Filtration Testing Equipment

The default of the whole device is 300ml filter cup. If you need 500ml filter cup, please contact customer service.
Filter medium:A soil suspension,has some sediment,Most of the suspended turbid particles are visible to the naked eye,No corrosive.


Laboratory Filters Adaptive silicone tube: Inner diameter 8mm ,External diameter 12mm.
Material of support Sand core
Sand core Diameter 40mm
Connection Type Ground glass
Filter bottle Capacity Filter cup Capacity Suitable Membrane Overall height
250ml 300ml 47/50mm ≈370mm
500ml 300ml 47/50mm ≈410mm
1000ml 300ml 47/50mm ≈445mm
2000ml 300ml 47/50mm ≈500mm
5000ml 300ml 47/50mm ≈580mm
The all-glass Filter Holder is not a standard volume bottle, and the marked volume is not a precise volume, please note

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