Food Safety Detector Food Safety Quick Inspection Equipment Multi-Function Food Safety Detector

12-channel simultaneous detection of multiple samples
Multiple samples can be tested at the same time,and each sample is controlled by the program to work independently.interfere with each other

Support WIFI network data transmission
The test results can be transmitted to the supervision platform to view the test data in different places

Real-time printing of test results
Equipped with embedded thermal printer,you can choose manual printing or automatic printing,three print out the result.



Food Safety Detector Main parameters:
1. The main control chip adopts ARM Cortex-A7, RK3288/4 core processor, and the main frequency is 1.88Ghz. The operation speed is faster and the stability is stronger.
2. DC 12V power supply, can be connected to the vehicle power supply, and can be equipped with 6ah large capacity rechargeable lithium battery, which is convenient for outdoor flow testing.
3. Four wavelength cold light source, each channel is equipped with 410, 520, 590, 630 nm wavelength light sources, and standard advanced optical path switching device. The patented optical path switching function can achieve up to 64 wavelengths, and all detection items can achieve simultaneous detection of all channels.
4. Automatic adjustment and calibration of light source brightness
5. Intelligent constant current voltage stabilization, automatic calibration of light intensity, no temperature drift of light source for long time continuous operation.
6. A new national limited standard is built in, which is compared with the measured results on site and continuously updated.
7. Continuous injection and continuous detection
8. The sample number is automatically accumulated.
9. Test items can be expanded.
10. The test results can be printed and uploaded in batches.
11. The data can be uploaded to the platform wirelessly and exported to Excel from the platform.
12. Storage capacity of test results: 200000
13. At the same time, it supports U disk copy, standard USB interface, and no driver plug.
14. Large capacity lithium battery can be configured, and the firmware can be upgraded.
15. Instrument dimensions; forty-two × thirty-one × 20。
16. Net weight of instrument: 3.6kg.

Food safety detector Technical parameters:
1. Pesticide residues: detection limit: inhibition rate 5%, detection range: inhibition rate (0-100)%
2. Formaldehyde: detection limit: 1mg/kg, detection range: (0-100) mg/kg
3. Nitrite: detection limit: 1mg/kg, detection range: (0-100) mg/kg
4. Sulfur dioxide: lower limit of detection: 1mg/kg; 5mg/kg, detection range: (0-100) mg/kg; (0~500) mg/kg
5. White block: lower limit of detection: 5 mg/kg, detection range: (0 ~ 500) mg/kg
6. Protein: detection limit: 0.5%, detection range: (0~50)%
7. Borax: lower detection limit: 5 mg/kg, detection range: (0-100) mg/kg
8. Hydrogen peroxide: lower limit of detection: 5 mg/kg; 10 mg/kg; 100 mg/kg, detection range: (0-500) mg/kg; (0~1000) mg/kg; (0~10000) mg/kg

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