Digital Caliper 150mm Stainless Steel Screen Inch Millimeter Conversion

1. Resolution 0.01mm
2. Zinc alloy scale shell
3. Stainless steel body
4. Switch between metric and imperial
5. One key switch
6. 2.0-inch large screen



Digital caliper is a measuring tool for measuring length, inner and outer diameter, and depth.

Digital Caliper

It has the characteristics of intuitive reading, convenient use and various functions.

It is mainly composed of a scale body, a sensor, a control operation part and a digital display part.

According to the different forms of sensors, digital calipers are divided into two categories: magnetic grid digital calipers and capacitive grid digital calipers.

After measuring the object and tightening the nut, not only can the data be locked, but also the object can be clamped so that it does not fall off, adding another layer of guarantee for accurate measurement.


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