Carpet Protection Film 50PCS 48” x 200′ 2 Mil Polyethylene Clear Plastic Carpet Wood Floor Protective Film

  • Clear, 48″W x 200’L, 2 mil. thick, carpet protection film.
  • Highly durable polyethylene film, flexibly enduring traffic without punctures or tears.
  • Easy to unwind and install, adhesive backing keeps the film in place and allows easy application and removal without residue.
  • Protect carpets during construction, remodeling, or moving from dirt, paint, grease, moisture, and more.
  • Applicable industries: aluminum industry, stainless steel industry, profiles, plates, building materials, kitchen utensils and bathrooms, door and window glass, and carpet industries.

Note: Prices may vary depending on product capacity and quality.



Carpet Protection Film is the best temporary carpet protection you can buy. It is also referred to as carpet masking is a clear high-quality 2 mil clear specialty film that provides reliable protection for any carpeted surface any time you need it especially during construction and remodeling.
This carpet protection film is amazingly strong, durable, puncture, and tear-resistant. High tech, Oil-based Acrylic adhesive system has major benefits over solvent-based systems in that it won’t discolor or dye the carpets, and it has a clean release for easy removal without adhesive transfer. Ideal during remodeling, painting, and moving, it minimizes clean-up time and damage claims.

Backing Adhesive Coated
Length 200 ft
Width 48 in
Weight 9.7 lb
Thickness 2 mil
Color Clear
Type Carpet
Material Linear Low-Density Polyethylene
Item Carpet Protection Film

Product Features

  • Eco-friendly, healthy.
  • Flexible, easy to paste.
  • Protect carpeting from damage while moving.
  • Clear film with adhesive backing.
  • Easy to remove. Leaves no residue.
  • Applicator unrolls the film onto the carpet in one easy step.

Professional Applications for Carpet Protection Film
There is a wide variety of commercial uses for carpet protector tape. Professionals across a range of industries use ShengFa carpet protection film to ensure a clean and debris-free finished result. These applications include:

  • Construction: Keep carpets protected from dust and debris while construction is underway.
  • Remodeling: Ensure carpets stay clean while furniture and interior designs are being remodeled.
  • Renovation: Professional renovation projects can kick up a significant amount of dirt, dust, and other debris.
  • Restoration: In addition to debris, dirt, and soil, restoration projects often include a high amount of foot traffic that can lead to damage.
  • Painting: Carpet Protection film forms an effective paint protection layer that can last through an entire professional project.
  • Maintenance: Protect your carpet from spills, moisture, and dirt caused by commercial maintenance work.
  • Model homes and vehicles: Improve a model home or vehicle’s value by keeping the carpet perfectly clean as prospective buyers create foot traffic.
  • Showrooms and open houses: Invite guests to tour showrooms without damaging your carpet.

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