C61F-GP Float less Level Switch Sensor Float less Liquid Level Controller Relay Switches AC 220V 50/60 Hz 8 Pin

Suitable for controlling general clean water and sewage liquid levels. (Prohibited for use with volatile liquids)
Use alternating current power (AC).
Equipped with surge protection device, which can effectively prevent surge interference.
Equipped with LED indicators to display water supply and drainage status.


type 8-pin self-retaining built-in type
project Generally use
For long distance use
61F-GP-N8L 2KM
(for 2km)
61F-GP-N8L 4KM
(for 4km)
61F-GP-N8H for high sensitivity Use 61F-GP-N8D for low sensitivity 2-wire type
Control objects and conditions of use General clean water and sewage Generally, there is a long distance between
the purified water and sewage water pump room and the water tank, the water supply tank and the water supply tank, and situations where remote operation is required, etc.
Liquids with high inherent resistance such as distilled water Liquids with low inherent resistance such as salt water, sewage, acidic liquids,
alkaline liquids, etc.
Compatible with general water purification and sewage 2
-wire dedicated electrode holders (
built-in 6.8kΩ resistor)
Rated voltage AC100 or 200V50/60Hz (shared)
Allowed voltage changes Range: 85% to 110% of rated voltage
voltage between electrodes AC8V AC24V AC8V
Current between electrodes AC about 1mA or less AC about 0.4mA or less AC about 1mA or less
Power consumption Below 3.5VA
Operating resistance between electrodes
(recommended value)
0~about 4kΩ 0~1.3kΩ (for 2km)
0~0.5kΩ (for 4km)
About 15k~about 70kΩ*3 0~about 1.3kΩ 0~about 2kΩ
Reset resistance between electrodes
(recommended value)
About 15k~∞Ω 4k~∞Ω (for 2km)
2.5k~∞Ω (for 4km)
About 300k~∞Ω About 4k~∞Ω About 15k~∞Ω
Response time 80ms or less during operation, 160ms or less during reset
Length of cable used*1 Below 1km Below 2km, below 4km Below 50m Below 1km Below 800m
output AC250V 3A (resistive load), AC250V 1A (inductive load cosφ=0.4)
Use ambient temperature -10~+55℃
Use ambient humidity 45~85%RH
Insulation resistance*2 100MΩ or more (DC500V megger)
Pressure resistance*2 AC2,000V 50/60Hz 1min
life The electrical life is more than 100,000 times and the mechanical life is more than 5 million times.
weight About 155g
Internal connection diagram


2.16″, 2.36″, 4.52″

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