C50 Small Vibrating Plate Compactor

It is used for road construction, matched with gasoline engine, with high efficiency and easy operation. It is low amplitude and high frequency and is designed to compact granular soil and asphalt.



power (hp) 2.5
Weight (kg) 49
frequency (hz) 5600
Centrifugal force (kn) 8
Compaction Depth (cm) 20
Travel speed (cm/s) 22
Efficiency (m²/hr) 350
Sheet size (cm) 43*30

• Our slab compactors are made of high quality steel, the thickness reaches 8 mm, more durable
· Ductile iron base plate provides better durability.
• The square bed and handle design are more helpful and comfortable for the operator to change the working direction.
Radius base plate for easy access to corners.
Sealed belt cover keeps sand and oil out.
Heavy-duty shock mounts reduce vibration from the upper engine and handlebars.


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