Auto Dry Ice Blasting Machine for 1/8”(3mm) Dry Ice, Dry Ice Cleanning Machine With Gun Hose And Nozzle Dry Ice Blaster

1. Voltage: 220 V 1 Ph 60 Hz.

2. Air supply: ≥87 psi.

3. Gas consumption: 176 – 814 GPM.

4. Dry ice consumption: 0.07 – 0.3 GPM.

5. Dry ice bucket capacity: 3.3 Gal.

6. Dry ice Particle Status: 1/8” (3mm)



Product description

Dry ice cleaning is a harmless, safe and sustainable cleaning method, which can achieve fast, efficient, safe and energy-saving cleaning effect. It is an excellent technology to replace the medium sand blasting, solvent, water, steam, hand washing, chemical and abrasive.

The company’s dry ice cleaning machine has achieved technological breakthroughs based on the technology of similar products. It is an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving product that is easy to operate, clean and efficient.

Cleaning effect

                Before clean                                                 After clean                                 

Nine advantages of dry ice cleaning

1. Excellent cleaning effect.

2. Fast cleaning speed.

3. The cleaning process is dry. Sublimation of dry ice particle sin to CO₂ gas does not produce liquid, so as to guarantee a clean environment is dry.

4. No secondary pollution. Not only has additional cleanup and costs been reduced, but the temporary exclusion zone can also be put back into use.

5. No damage, non-flammable, non-conductive. Dry ice cleaning does not cause damage to most objects being cleaned, and electrical components can be used safely.

6. It is not harmful to the environment. Dry ice sublimated intoCO₂ directly.

7. Can clean many narrow spaces that cannot be cleaned by other methods.

8. Efficient. The workload of the entire cleaning process is much less than that of traditional cleaning methods.

9. Safety of operators is guaranteed. Operators will not be exposed to chemicals or sand media.


Hangrui dry ice blasting machine features

A stable supply system can greatly reduce dry ice loss. The minimum amount of ice consumed and air consumption. Stable performance. Safe operation. Light weight and portable.


Advantages of Hangrui dry ice blasting machine

The jets are stronger. The improved ejector tube allows dry ice particles to be re-accelerated in the ejector tube. With the same external air source pressure, our products have stronger dry ice injection force and better cleaning effect.


Which stains can be cleaned by dry ice cleaning

Car engines deposit carbon; Sheet metal glue stains; Bonding agent and release agent on parts and work pieces; Residues such as rubber, oil, resin, and carbonized film on the production line; Oil, paint, ink, adhesive, rust, welding slag, etc.; Colloidal substance, mixture and residue in the oven;Mixing equipment, conveyor belts, moldings, etc.; Electric boilers, various heat exchangers, indoor and outdoor transformers, insulators, power distribution cabinets and wires, etc.; It can also be used to cool the battery of new energy vehicles.


Industry that can apply dry ice cleaning

Automotive aftermarket, mold foundry industry, general manufacturing industry, electronic information industry, food industry, powerIndustry, beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry, etc.


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Product Information

Technical Details
Voltage 220 V 1 Ph 60 Hz
Rated Power 500 W
Air Supply ≥87 psi
Gas Consumption 0.8 – 3.7 m³/min
176 – 814 GPM
Dry Ice Consumption 0.3 – 1.3 kg/ min
0.07 – 0.3 GPM
Dry Ice Bucket Capacity 12.5 L / 3.3 Gal
Machine Dimensions 21-39/64″ x 13-25/32″ x 45″
Applicable Dry Ice Size 3mm(1/8”) diameter dry ice particles
Net Weight 165 lbs

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