5T/H UHT sterilizer ultra-high temperature instant sterilizer,Mengniu Fruit juice Pasteurizer,Juice Beverage Sterilization System

It consists of plate heat exchanger, balance tank, water pump, hot water circulation system (including: steam-water mixer, hot water pump, steam regulating valve, water level control, etc.), pasteurization program, CIP program, and temperature computer control system. For heating and cooling raw materials.
Pasteurizers are often used in heat-sensitive processes such as milk, ice cream, milk powder, fruit juice, and beverages. The material is pumped to the plate heat exchanger, and after preheating, heat preservation, heat recovery and cooling, the original physical properties and taste of the product are maintained. If the temperature is lower than the set temperature, it is sensed by the temperature transmitter, the signal activates the diverter valve, the material flows back to the balance tank, and the material is pasteurized again. During the pasteurization process, the state of the pasteurization temperature is recorded on the disc of the recorder.


Voltage: 220V/380W Rated power (kw): 50
Vapor pressure (Mpa): ≥6 Discharge temperature: 40
Warranty: 1 Year Key Selling Points: Energy saving
Material: 304 Stainless Steel Product name: Hot sale factory price uht pasteurization sterili.
Application: Milk Etc. Liquid Pasteurization Function: Fruit juice Pasteurizer
Type: Water-cooled Processing: Pasteurizer + Ageing
Processing Types: Milk Ect Packing: Wooden Case

1. Both the material and the heating medium are heated through non-contact heat exchange in their respective sealed systems to ensure the hygiene and safety of the material;
2. The sterilization time is short, which can ensure that the nutritional content of the material is not destroyed;
3. The whole machine is made of food-grade stainless steel to ensure that it meets the national safety and hygiene index requirements for beverage and food equipment;
4. Good heat transfer effect, high heat recovery rate and low energy consumption;
5. The main control components, valve parts and supporting parts are all imported parts, with long service life;
6. PLC control is adopted, which can automatically control the heating temperature, hot water temperature, and steam flow adjustment of each section of the material, and is equipped with an automatic material return system to ensure that the material 100% achieves the sterilization effect;
7. Simple structure, easy cleaning, convenient operation and low maintenance cost.

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