5 Pack Strip Discs Stripping Wheel for Angle Grinder Paint Stripper Wheels Clean and Remove Paint, Rust Welds, Oxidation (4” x 5/8”)

  • 【*NOTICES】- Our poly strip disc wheel are design for 4” x 5/8” arbor striper of various models angle grinders in the market. DOES NOT FIT WAGNER PAINT EATER or DRILL. Please make sure the arbor size and the outer diameter are match with your grinder machine before you purchase.
  • 【BLACK DIAMOND CUP WHEEL】- The black diamond material is a high-strength, high-wearing honeycomb soft abrasive tool formed by combining high-strength wear-resistant fiber mesh as substrate and organically combining resin elastomer and corundum with a special process.
  • 【STRIP DISC SIZE】- Diameter 4″, Thickness 3/5″, Aperture 5/8″, Maximum speed 13300 (R.P.M), Maximum speed 80, Abrasive grain size – black silicon carbide 46#
  • 【SCOPE OF APPLICATION】- Strip and clean disc applies for sanding interface grinding, oil pipe burr removal, ceramic bottom polishing c1/2ar surface paint removal and so on. Easy to strip discs clean & remove paint, rust and oxidation
  • 【PREMIUM PERFORMANCE】- Paint rust remover does not damage the surface of the object, the grinding force is uniform, the processing effect is uniform and wear-resistant, the water resistance is strong, the plasticity is strong, the softness is good, it is suitable for various shapes to be peeled off by the grinding body, the grinding sound is small and the dust is small.



8 Characteristics of Black Diamond Polishing Wheel:
-Cleaning of oxides and dirt before and after metal welding and welding
-Clean various surface paints, protective paints and insulating paints, such as car bodies
-Cleaning and anti-rust of metal surface
-Injection molding machine, injection shaft clean
-Remove stains on the concrete retaining wall
-Residual fuel and rubber gaskets on rocket engines

Welding: In daily life, we often encounter some iron products welding, the surface is very many burrs and rust, and our grinding discs can easily remove the burrs raised when welding, not damage the surface of the object, to achieve excellent results.
Rust Remove: Every home has old aluminum, copper, rusted weights, rusted iron tools, and so on. There is a great need for such a professional sanding tool. Our sanding discs can save time, cost-effective and trustworthy.
Paint Surface: Our paint remove wheels can be used to polish the paint on the surface of cars, ships, and even other wood/iron superfluous paint, grinding thickness can be controlled, no damage to the surface of the object.

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