4.5″ stainless steel mixing paddle for food, chemicals, paints, concrete, grout, dry materials and liquids

  • 100% stainless steel construction is suitable for a wide range of applications including food, chemicals, abrasive materials, etc.
  • The helical design mixes the product from the bottom up to prevent air bubbles from being sucked into the material
  • 4.5″ Diameter 24″ Length helical paddle will mix up to 55 pound batches
  • 14mm Male European Thread Connection connects easily into our handheld electic mixers for reliable continuous use in commercial applications


Product Specifications
Included Components Paddle
Item Weight 3.57 pounds
Measurement Accuracy 4.5″
Measurement System US
Number of Items  1
Size 4.5″



Stainless steel mixing paddles are suitable for a wide range of applications: food, chemicals, epoxies, analgesics, mortars, cement, thinners, and more. These durable, heavy-duty paddles feature a spiral design that mixes from the bottom of the batch to prevent air bubbles from being drawn into the material. Connect the 14mm male end directly to one of the hand mixers we manufacture, providing the discerning professional with an industrial strength, reliable solution. The line also includes surface preparation tools for metal, concrete and masonry, air, electric and hydraulic portable bandsaws, reciprocating saws, hacksaws, nut runners, hammer drills, rolling motors, non-sparking safety tools, portable mixers and Dust collector vacuum system.

Heavy Duty Paddle for Hand Blenders
Depending on the materials to be mixed, different configurations of mixing paddles are available. The spiral design mixes the product from the bottom up, preventing air bubbles from being drawn into the material. The paddles are constructed of strong welded steel and are galvanized for corrosion and wear resistance. These characteristics make them ideal for continued professional use. The end result is the perfect blend for mixing professionals.

Materials High Viscosity Low Viscosity Overlayments & Colored Products. Medium Viscosity Food, Chemicals Medium- to high- viscosity powder and liquid materials
Construction Galvanized Galvanized Galvanized Galvanized Stainless Galvanized
Applications Extra-robust stirring paddle for finished mortar, finished plaster, floor compounds, refractory cements, insulating materials and quartz-filled epoxy resin. Ideal for liquid materials with a low viscosity, including wall paints, lacquers, cement paints, chemicals, and coating compounds. Ideal for mixing a wide range of underlayments, overlayments and colored products. Integrated shear bars evenly disperse powders and liquids throughout tinted and dyed mixtures. For dry-bag compounds, plasters and grout, as well as premixed products. For tenacious materials of a high viscosity such as fi nished plaster, mortar, gypsum, lime, fl oor compounds, granulates and quartz-fi lled epoxy resin. The stainless steel stirring rod with high durability is particularly suitable for abrasive materials, food (e.g. honey) and fodder. Please check suitability if the material contains acids or caustics. Counterclockwise rotation pushes material from the top to the bottom. lockwise rotation pulls material from the bottom to the top.



4.5", 5.6"

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