25AK Welding Torch MAG/MIG/CO2/Gas 200A 230A Euro Welding Gun Copper Accessories

Usage:Welding Working
Application:MIG Welding Machine
Cooling:Air Cooling



Precautions for using gas shielded welding gun
★ Take good care of the welding gun and do not drop or knock it
★ Replace the standard contact tip, that is, the contact tip from the welding gun manufacturer. If the conductive tip is not standard, the head is too thin, the hole is not smooth, the hole size is inappropriate, etc., it will seriously affect the wire feeding and welding effects.
★ The gun head must be standard. If you replace a non-standard gun head, it will easily loosen, cause poor contact, and cause serious heating.

★ The end of the conductive nozzle should not be too deep from the nozzle, otherwise the welding wire will extend too long. In addition, sometimes the arc is raised to observe the weld seam, which will cause the arc to be unstable and poorly formed. The standard is that the dry elongation of the welding wire should be about ten times the diameter of the welding wire.
★ Do not pull the control wire forcefully. In order to prevent hot workpieces and welding wires from being scalded, control cables generally use rubber cables, which can easily break if the force is too great.
★ You should use tools to clean up the spatter from the gun tip nozzle. Do not drop the gun tip directly, otherwise it will loosen the gun tip.

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