2 Sets of G80 Alloy Steel Hammerlock Coupling Link Oblong Master Link

The chain links are a convenient option for easily putting together, taking apart, and putting back together lifting chain slings. They come equipped with quality anti drop pins and buckles that avoid accidental drops and can be securely locked in place.
The red oblong master link is a versatile type of rigging that is primarily utilized for hoisting. It can be applied in various industries such as electric power, trailers, port transportation, lifting, sling connection, metallurgy, and port operations.


  • Grade 80 Alloy Steel Material: the 2 sets of hammerlock coupling link and master link are made of quality grade 80 alloy steel material, providing you with the required strength and sturdiness to complete your jobs safely;
  • The grade 80 steel construction ensures that the links can withstand high weights and tough working conditions
  • Proper Working Load: with a trailer safety chains coupling link capacity of around 12000 lbs and a lifting ring capacity of around 6600 lbs, these items can handle a wide range of loads;
  • You can confidently use them for manufacturing, construction, and transportation use since they can handle a substantial amount of weight

  • Sturdy and Reliable: since the lifting links and trailer connecting links are all made of robust alloy steel, they can handle tough working conditions;
  • The surface of them has been treated with galvanization, resulting in a sturdy and robust material that can withstand wear and tear; They are also resistant to corrosion, ensuring a prolonged lifespan

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