10KVA Transformer Three-Phase Dry Type Isolation Control Transformer 380V to 220V 200V Smart LCD Display Transformer with Housing

  • LCD digital display + indicator light: the input and output adopts a digital display meter, and is equipped with an indicator light to accurately display the voltage in the working state.
  • Cooling holes: The porous design of the shell can effectively dissipate heat and reduce the temperature of the transformer.
  • Universal wheels: The transformer has four universal wheels, which are easy to move and can be rotated and pushed 360°, saving labor and speed.
  • Safety jump lock: safety door lock, to ensure safe use of workers during construction operations. Prevent misuse by others.

NOTE: Prices may vary by product model and material.



Features of Transformer

  • It has a wide range of applications and meets the needs of various import and export machinery and equipment. For example, imported medical equipment, imported processing machine tools, imported abrasive milling machines, imported injection molding machines, imported laser cutting machines, imported punch machines, etc.
  • Smart LCD display. Red is the input indicator, and green is the output indicator.
  • Excellent material selection: enameled wire can withstand temperature up to 180ºC, has good insulation, and is not easy to age, which further improves the life of the machine. DMD insulating paper, so that the transformer can withstand 3500V withstand voltage test.
  • Terminals: There are two types of transformer cores, which are high-temperature-resistant BT terminal wiring and insulating board wiring, which are both beautiful and safe, and can be customized according to customer needs.

Name Three-phase dry-type transformer
Number of Phases Three Phases
Input voltage: 660V 440V 380V 220V (customizable voltage)
Output voltage 1140V 690V 660V 440V 415V400V 380V 220V (customizable voltage)
Frequency 50-60Hz
Insulation class F class, high temperature resistance 150 degrees
Working efficiency Inductive, (isolated) ≥ 99%
Overload capacity Allow more than 1.2 times the rated load
Temperature rise ≤60℃
Voltage Accuracy ±1°
Voltage change rate ≤1.5
Insulation resistance 10KVAC/min
Design life 20 years
Dimensions 350*520*500mm(L*W*H)

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