1.5T Electric Forklift 1.6M-3.5M Hydraulic Lift Truck Automatic Stacking Truck Electric Forklift 1.5T 1.6/2/2.5/3M Walking Electric Forklift

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  • Driving method: Electric
  • Driving method: Walking
  • Rated load: 1500kg
  • Weight (with battery): 420-530kg
  • Features: (1) Intelligent. The control system and power system are controlled by intelligent chips, the system is easy to operate and more efficient.
    (2) Modular installation. The electrical control system of the whole vehicle adopts a modular installation method, and the lifting system cancels the side roller structure, which makes maintenance more convenient.


Specification of the Walking Electric Forklift

Product name Walking Electric Forklift
Driving method Walking Electric
Rated load 1000/1500kg
Load center distance 500mm
Self-weight (with battery) 420-530kg
Wheel Polyurethane wheels
Wheel size, front Φ210×70
Wheel size, rear Φ80×70
Additional Wheels (Size) Φ100×50
Wheels, front and rear quantity (×=drive wheel) 1×+2/4 mm
Front wheel base 886 mm
Rear wheel base 525 mm
Lifting height 1600/2000/2500/3000/3500 mm
Height when mast retracted 2090/1590/1840/2090/2340 mm
Height when lowered 90 mm
overall length 1720 mm
Mast height during operation 2090/2550/3050/3550/4050 mm
Body width 800 mm
Fork size 60/142/1070/60/170/1100 mm
Fork outer width 660/690 mm
Wheelbase Center Ground Clearance 40 mm
Aisle width, pallet 1000×1200 (1200 placed across the fork) 2200 mm
Aisle width, pallet 800×1200 (1200 placed along the fork) 2100 mm
Turning radius 1600 km/h
Travel speed, full load/empty load 4/5.6 m/s
Lifting speed, full load/no load 140 m/s
Descending speed, full load/no load 101%
Gradeability, loading/unloading 3/7
Service Brake Electromagnetic braking
Drive motor power 0.75 Kw
Increase motor power 2.2 Kw
Battery voltage/rated capacity 24V65AH/24V80AH
Battery weight 26*2 Kg
The noise level at the driver’s ear complies with DIN12053 ≤70 dB(A)

 1.5T Electric Forklift 1.6M-3.5M Hydraulic Lift Truck

Details of the Walking Electric Forklift

  • Multifunctional operating handle
    Multifunctional operating handle, reliable, beautiful, simple, all operating functions can be completed with one hand.
  • Gas Spring Design
    The handle adopts gas spring design, which is convenient and comfortable to use, light and labor-saving, and the optimized long handle steering structure provides a more humanized control experience and lighter control.
  • High quality cylinder
    Using high-quality lifting components, upgrading the original technology, and quickly lifting the oil cylinder, the lifting is fast and powerful.
  • Thickened steel plate
    Thickened steel welded, stronger bearing capacity and longer service life.

 1.5T Electric Forklift 1.6M-3.5M Hydraulic Lift Truck


1.5 ton 1.6m, 1.5 ton 2m, 1.5 ton 2.5m, 1.5 ton 3m, 1.5 ton 3.5m

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