SDEC Oem 500KW 600KW 700 KW Generator Diesel Generators For Sale Reliable Diesel Power Plant,Generator set

Stable and reliable
Compact structure, high reliability, good economy, low noise
Integral crankshaft, gantry body, flat notch connecting rod, short piston, compact and reasonable shape
A new type of shrinking combustion chamber is adopted to increase the fuel injection pressure, improve the combustion process, and achieve environmental protection indicators
Lubrication, cooling system optimization design, reducing the number of external piping and parts
The three leaks are greatly improved and the reliability is greatly enhanced by using the integral brushless alternator, etc.
It is matched with J98 and J114B exhaust gas turbochargers, and has strong plateau working ability



Generator Diesel Has many uses
Low noise, safe and stable, environmentally friendly and hygienic
Shangchai diesel generator set is suitable for real estate, schools, factories, hospitals, outdoor operations and other industries, with its compact structure, large power reserve, stable operation, good speed regulation performance, low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise and other advantages to meet the needs of various industries demand for electricity

Attention to detail
Multiple power options to meet the electricity needs of different occasions, bid farewell to electricity troubles, always ready
Intelligent four protection control system
It adopts domestic well-known brand Xinmao DINGBO control board and multi-functional liquid crystal display, which can display the detected parameters through data and symbols. The unit has control functions such as start, stop, and emergency stop.
High Strength Shock Absorber
ZGT type damping spring shock absorber or high-strength chrome-plated shock absorber (supplied) is equipped between the fuselage and the base
Each style has the characteristics of shock absorption and noise reduction, strong bearing capacity, safety, reliability and durability.
ESC high pressure fuel injection pump
Electronic speed regulation, intelligent and fuel-efficient, the throttle can be automatically adjusted according to the load size, the combustion is more complete, and the current and voltage are more stable.
High-strength bending chassis
Thickened iron plate, thick and not deformed, good shock absorption effect,
The plastic-sprayed baking varnish is corrosion-resistant.

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