WPA40 type worm gear reducer

Product Series: WP
Model: WPA40
Input shaft power: 10kw
Output shaft torque: 19N.m
Transmission ratio: 0.4


1)Worm gear reducer is a power transmission mechanism, the use of gear speed converter, the motor (motor) the numberof rotation to siow down to the number of rotation, and get a larger toraue mechanism. At present, the application ofspeed reducer is widely used in the mechanism of transmitting power and motion.

2)In all kinds of mechanical transmission system can see traces of it, from the transport ships, automobiles, motorcyclesconstruction heavy machinery, industrial machinery processing equipment and automated production equipment, to thecommon daily life appliances, clocks and watches, and so forth. Its application from the transmission of large power, to a5mall load, the precision of the angle of transmission can be seen in the application, and in industrial applications, thereducer has a reduction and increase the toroue function, So it is widely used in speed and toroue conversion eouiomen

gear reducer WPA40 type worm gear reducer suitable for use in industry
gear reducer

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