USB16 Tablet PC Charging Cabinet Mobile Electronic School Bag Cabinet Mobile Phone Charging Box Smart USB Charging Cart

Model: USB16
Size: 552*330*328mm
Station volume: 320*200*25mm
Input voltage and current: AC110-240V 10A
Output voltage: 5V2.4A
Compatible system: Android, Apple
Cabinet material: ABS+sprayed steel plate



The mobile charging cart then allows you to store and secure access to tablets and charge them all in one place at the same time. No more messy cable ties, or lack of plug sockets. You can charge multiple units using just one wall plug and keep device cables safe inside the charging trolley. This not only reduces the likelihood of cables getting lost or stolen but eliminates multiple cords that could lead to a trip hazard and organizes cables that would otherwise create a messy work environment.

Function parameter:
1. There are 16 built-in USB 5V2.4A DC charging ports and correspondingly equipped with 16 green data lines (the charging IC chip intelligently recognizes the current required by devices such as tablets and mobile phones, which is safe, stable and efficient);
2. Each port is independently charged and has the function of intelligent LED turning light (red light: charging state, green light: full/not connected), and has a corresponding digital serial number;
3. The metal button switch can pass a large current of more than 15A. It also has the function of power switch and power-on indication. It has a single 80mm fan and is equipped with an intelligent temperature control system. It can automatically start and stop at 30 ℃ ± 8;
4. Active PEC energy-saving switching power supply, built-in ten safety protections in the cabinet 1) Lightning protection 2) Surge protection 3) Overload protection 4) Leakage protection 5) Isolation protection 6) Overcurrent protection 7) Overvoltage protection 8) Short circuit protection 9) Overcharge protection 10) Perfusion protection:
5. Automatic disinfection function, double disinfection of ultraviolet light + ozone 03, with metal button switch, automatically shut down after 25 minutes of starting (optional)

Structural parameters:
1. Outline dimension ≤552*330*328mm (including casters), station volume is 320*200*25mm top edge arc (≥R8) design;
2. There are ABS engineering handles on both sides, and the cabinet is equipped with four 2-inch silent casters with brakes (height 60mm)
3. One-story all-black 16-station design, equipped with ABS green partition, single-open front door lock, and the left cabin is a closed area for power control;
4. The transparent window part of the door panel corresponds to the internal charging LED lights one by one, and has a corresponding digital serial number. The front door panel and side panels are provided with convection holes for ventilation and heat dissipation.


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