Radial bimetallic thermometer movable thread

2. External thread M27*2
3. Tail length 150mm
4. Radial


bimetallic thermometer

The bimetallic thermometer combines two metals with different linear expansion coefficients, and one end is fixed.

When the temperature changes, the thermal expansion of the two metals is different, which drives the pointer to deflect to indicate the temperature.

The temperature measurement range is -80~500C, which is suitable for temperature measurement when the precision is not high in industry.

Bimetal as a temperature sensing element can also be used for automatic temperature control.

WSS series bimetallic thermometer is a field detection instrument for measuring medium and low temperature. Bimetal thermometer can directly measure the temperature of liquid, steam and gas medium in the range of -80℃~+500℃ in various production processes.

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