Straight-through stainless steel 304/316L quick-loading ball valve

Product type: Sanitary ball valve type

Sanitary ball valve parameters:

Structure: Fixed ball valve type (channel position): straight-through type

Nominal diameter: 25 (mm) Object of action: water Working temperature: room temperature

Material: Stainless steel flow direction: two-way pressure environment: atmospheric pressure

Parts and accessories: Accessories specifications: DN15, DN25

Connection form: Quick installation purpose: discharge

Applicable medium: Food and pharmaceutical fluid control drive method: manual

Connection method: welding, quick installation, threaded, pneumatic, electric

Uses: Mainly used in various dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical, beer equipment and other fields

Working principle

A manufactured sphere with a through cavity is placed between the two flanges in the valve body and the two PTFE valve seats.A valve shaft core can be used for the sphere by rotating at 90°, which can open or close the valve.



1. The fluid resistance is small, whether it is a reduced diameter or a full diameter ball valve, the flow resistance coefficient is the smallest among all valves.
2. The switch is quick and convenient. Under normal circumstances, only the handle needs to be rotated 90C to complete the full on or full off action, which can truly achieve fast opening and closing.
3. Good sealing performance. Most ball valve seats are made of elastic materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene. Generally, the sealing of this soft seal is easy to guarantee and can be widely used.

4. Long life. Due to the good self-lubricating properties of polytetrafluoroethylene, the friction and wear with the valve body and the valve stem is small, which greatly improves the service life of the ball valve.

5. High reliability, the ball and the valve seat will not be scratched, the valve stem will not fly out if it is worn sharply, and it has the functions of fire prevention and anti-static.

6. It is widely used. In addition to general media, it can also transport viscous fluids, slurries and solid particles.

7. A variety of rotation methods can easily realize the needs of long-distance operation and automatic control.

8. It is small in size and can be installed in any location of the pipeline. It is fast and convenient to install, and it is easy to transport and store.
[Applicable media] Water, oil, gas and certain corrosive liquids

[Product use] This product is suitable for stainless steel piping systems in dairy, food, beer, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industrial fields.

Sanitary pipe fittings: sanitary (elbow, three-way, four-way, large and small heads, reducing pipes, quick-installation joints) pipe caps, blind plates, plugs, etc.
Sanitary valves: sanitary (butterfly valve, ball valve, check valve, globe valve, reversing valve, diaphragm valve regulating valve, angle seat valve, tank bottom valve, constant pressure valve, sampling valve, plug valve, solenoid valve) and so on.
Sanitary fluid accessories: sanitary (joint, clamp, filter, sight glass, respirator tube bracket, cleaning ball, floor drain, manhole cover), etc.
Stainless steel mirror tube: non-standard thin-walled, thick-walled stainless steel mirror tube series, sanitary welded pipe
Material: 304, 316L and other steel grades;
Connection method: threaded type, welded type, clamp type, clamping type and flange type
Product standards: national standard, American standard, Japanese standard, German standard, etc.
We can process and manufacture non-standard products according to user requirements.The company introduces high-precision CNC machine tools and testing equipment, and all products can be manufactured in accordance with different finishes, materials and industrial standards (such as ISODIN, IDF, SMS, 3A).Products are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, dairy products, beer, beverages, cosmetics and fine chemicals. For a long time, the products have been sold all over the world and exported to Europe and the United States with their reasonable structure and preferential prices.Southeast Asian countries and regions.We will, as always, pursue diligently and make unremitting efforts to repay users and serve the society with innovative, high-quality and refined products.


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