Sanitary stainless steel storage tank, 100L stainless steel storage tank

Nominal volume: 100L
Inner diameter size (mm): 500
Working pressure (Mpa): designed and manufactured according to process conditions
Working temperature (℃): designed and manufactured according to the process conditions
Structural form: vertical, horizontal
Nozzle configuration: can be designed on demand if the conditions are met
Tank material: SUS304/316L or other materials
Surface roughness (µm): Ra<06µm
Container category: Classified as atmospheric pressure vessels and Class I pressure vessels according to the requirements of use and medium characteristics
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Sanitary storage tanks are classified by form: can be divided into vertical stainless steel sanitary storage tanks, horizontal stainless steel sanitary storage tanks: classified according to pressure requirements: stainless steel pressure vessels, non-stainless steel pressure vessels. According to the structure, it can be divided into: single-layer storage tank, double-layer storage tank (with insulation layer), and three-layer storage tank (with insulation and jacket).

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