Portable Fogger Sprayer 4.5L (1.2 Gallon) Electric ULV Portable Fogger Sprayer Machine Atomizer Mist Cold Fogger Machine Spraying Distance 30ft

  • 4.5L ULV Electric Sprayer
  • This product uses wind pressure to spray cold spray, non-heating type, suitable for disinfecting and epidemic prevention in various places.
  • The amount of spray is large, and the spray distance is 7-9 meters
  • 4.5L capacity
  • 5m power cord

Note: Prices may vary depending on product capacity and quality.



Applications of Portable Fogger Sprayer: Our electric Portable Fogger Sprayer can be used for large area spraying operations, such as fumigation in hotels, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, nursing home, greenhouses, stables, warehouses, residential, farm restaurants, the aters, factories , farms, or other public places.

Voltage 110V/220V
Power 1200W
Capacity 4.5L
Spray distance range in static wind 7-9M
Spraying Rate 0-640ML/Min
Wire Length 5M
Fog angle 60 degrees up and down adjustable
1 in 1 package 39*22*43cm NW:2.8kg GW:3.3kg
2 in 1 package 49*42*46cm GW:7.6kg


Features of Portable Sprayer

1. [Excellent Quality]: Our electric ULV sprayer is made of high density chemical resistant polyethylene material. Ensuring a wide range of chemicals and a long service life.

2. [Nozzle Design]: The portable atomizing sprayer adopts an airtight, non-corrosive and leak-proof nozzle. Great for misting and soaking, it spreads fast. The average output droplet size is less than 30 microns.

3. [Adjustable function]: The flow rate of this sanitizing atomizer can be adjusted according to your requirements to achieve maximum efficiency and avoid waste. The electric atomizer sprayer has a fixed valve and is adjustable up to 40 degrees and down to 20 degrees. In this way, the adjustable range of the angle can reach 60 degrees. After adjusting the angle, the desired angle can be quickly fixed by the locking device.

4. [Easy to operate]: The electric ULV sprayer adopts an ergonomic portable design, which is easy to carry and use for a long time.


  • After the machine is used, pour out the remaining liquid medicine, and then add cleaning spray for 2-3 minutes.
  • When starting up: first turn on the electric switch, and then adjust the medicine discharge valve.
  • When shutting down: first close the medicine discharge valve, and then turn off the power.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use a sprayer to directly spray and disinfect people and animals during spraying operations.
  • It is strictly forbidden to operate this product without leakage protection device.
  • It is strictly forbidden to work continuously for more than 20 minutes.
  • Do not place the sprayer within the reach of children.

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