PC reducer,NMRV PC Pre-Stage Reducer 080,Intermediate gear reduction machine

When the PC pinion is installed on the motor shaft, the following points need to be paid attention to:
a. Thoroughly clean the motor drive shaft;
b. Take out the flat key on the motor drive shaft;
c. As shown in the figure below, put the sleeve 1 on the drive shaft. For easier installation, you can heat the sleeve to about 70 – 80C;
d. Install the new flat key 3 on the drive shaft keyway:
e. Referring to the method in c, put the pinion 4 on the drive shaft:
f. Put the gasket 5 and tighten the bolt 6:
g. Take off the rubber cover on the oil seal, this step needs to be careful because the PC has been filled with lubricating oil; h. Install the oil seal 2 and the rest of the motor parts, be careful not to damage the oil seal;



The PC reducer is a product with a modular structure, which can be combined with any reducer with PAM input flange hole input. The combination of the front deceleration device and the motor is output in B14 mode. The device cannot be used alone, and can only be used in conjunction with the reducer. Has the following advantages:
1. Compact mechanical structure, light volume and shape, small and efficient;
2. Good heat exchange performance and fast heat dissipation;
3. Simple installation, flexible and light, superior performance, easy maintenance and repair;
4. Stable operation, low noise, durable;
5. Strong adaptability, high safety and reliability.

This product has been widely used in mechanical deceleration devices of production process equipment in various industries, and is well received by users. It is the best choice for modern industrial equipment to achieve high torque, high speed ratio, low noise, and high stability mechanical deceleration transmission control devices.

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